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How to shield your brain against electromagnetic/EMF beam weapons
    EMF Shielding Basics
Getting Zapped/Transpondered and Unzapped/Untranspondered, and Possible Evasion Tactics
    Warnings About the Dangers of Anti-Brain Beam Weapon Technology
    Advanced Stationary Magnetic EMF Brain Shielding
    Stealth EMF Shielding and Radar/Microwave Absorbing Material
    Additional EMF Shielding ideas
    Previous Detailed EMF Shielding Ideas


How to Shield Your Brain Against Electromagnetic/EMF beam weapons

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Electromagnetic field shielding is calculated using 20 log decibels. Electromagnetic zap power shielding is calculated using 10 log decibels.
(You can click here to buy MagnetShield.  You can safety proof it by either folding the edges and corners back against the metal using your hands and/or pliers and/or wrapping cheap velostat around it, optionally cut it using cheap metal cutting shears, and you can use REI buckle straps to strap it tightly around your body tightly pressed against your skin for full EMF magnetic shielding effect.  Cheap carbon-filled plastic velostat probably both decreases the shielding power and decreases skin abrasion and it needs to be replaced frequently.)

This topic is very technical.  If you study this topic carefully, you can partially shield yourself against some of the harmful effects of covert anti-brain beam weapons and minimize how much they reduce your brainpower as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  Here are the details:

EMF Shielding Basics
1. Covert anti-brain beam weapons, also called directed energy weapons (DEW), use an EMF or electromagnetic field to zap their victim.  In order to shield against covert beam weapons, you must reduce the field strength and zap power of the EMF or electromagnetic field that zaps the target.  This reduction in beam/EMF/electromagnetic field strength is usually measured in decibels.
2. Decibels measure changes (increases or decreases) in both electromagnetic field strength and electromagnetic zap power with one standard measurement.  However, electromagnetic field strength is measured using a 20 log decibel system, where -20 decibels = 10% electromagnetic field strength, while electromagnetic zap power is measured using a 10 log decibel system, where -10 decibels = 10% electromagnetic zap power.
3. A potentially harmful EMF or electromagnetic field is also called EMI, for electromagnetic interference, or RFI, for radio frequency interference
This EMF energy is part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

4. You will need to use EMF magnetic shielding to shield against the magnetic, not just the electronic, part of the EMF/EMI/RFI.  EMF magnetic waves function differently than EMF electronic waves, since they bounce back or beam back to their source.  According to, "magnetic field lines must travel from the North pole of the source and return to the South pole."  The third diagram explains why a circular band of powerful MagnetShield worn tightly around the head, neck, belly, and/or arm of a TI partially shields the TI's body from an electromagnetic field and beams back much of the magnetic part of the electromagnetic beam energy.  (However, Magnetshielding also increases the TI's target profile.)

5. EMF shielding is widely used commercially in electronic appliances.  (Examples include quad-shielded coaxial cable, STP shielded twisted pair computer networking cable, and the new cat 7 networking cable standard with additional EMF shielding requirements.)
6. Victims and targets of covert anti-brain beam weapons can use magnetic EMF shielding to minimize partial brain disablement from covert anti-brain beam weapons by partially shielding the target (themselves) from covert EMF anti-brain beam weapons.  Primary targets can probably only partially shield themselves, while some secondary targets might be able to heavily or even completely shield themselves against their brain being zapped disabled. (However, LRAD sound beams and covert LRAD and/or other subliminal mind control suggestion technology probably cannot be shielded against).
7. People in normal presumably non-targeted situations (the other 99.9% or more of the population) might sometimes also increase their brainpower by using magnetic EMF shielding to reduce/prevent electromagnetic pollution from partially disabling their brain.  EMF shielding might help people in normal situations because there are other sources of EMF/EMI/RFI and also other covert anti-brain beam weapons (including some covert area-wide anti-brain beam weapons, probably including U.S. military "s-quad"  mind control technology used in the 1991 U.S.-Iraq war, U.S. military "poppers" used to pacify/zone out targeted populations, and multiple planetary-scale ELF/extremely low frequency weapons like HAARP that might sometimes modify human ELF (extremely low frequency) brainwaves in their target zones).
8. You need effective scientific EMF electromagnetic shielding.
9. You can test whether or not EMF shielding will help you with either 1) a preliminary free instant test using 1 or 2 of your hands and/or 2) for around $11-$30 with some EMF shielding.  You can try a quick preliminary instant free test by pressing 1 or 2 of your hands tightly against your forehead (and/or any other part of your body).  If your brain feels clearer and sharper and less foggy, you might be being zapped, the zaps might be partially disabling your brain, and EMF shielding might help your brain function better.  You can also try testing MagnetShield for around $11 postpaid from, and you can try testing carbon shielding by testing a carbon microwave absorbing sheet for around $9 more and/or testing 1-5 line feet of velostat for $2-$10 more.  When you test it, you have to press it tightly against your skin to see if it will help you at the moment you test it.  If your brain feels more clear and sharp and less foggy then the EMF shielding works and is helping your brain function better.  You can test it anytime you suspect it might help.  (The 18 mil (0.445 mm) thick microwave absorbing sheet provides much better EMF shielding than the 4 mil thick  velostat, but it is more expensive, not easy to bend and it is more fragile and more prone to tear than velostat.  If you only buy 1 line foot of 4 mil thick velostat, its shielding strength might be too weak to notice.) 

Getting Zapped/Transpondered and Unzapped/Untranspondered, and Possible Evasion Tactics
10. First, you should know how to detect if you are currently being zapped/transpondered.  Here are 3 quick tests:
     1. If you hear an LRAD (a long range acoustical device or sound beam hitting a moving object like a fan or motor that generates sound at the point of the sound beam's impact with the moving object/fan/motor), assume you might be zapped.  If the comments from the sound beam are made to you or about you, assume that you are being zapped.
     2. If you cover both of your ears very tightly with your 2 index fingers and you hear an electronic voice subliminally broadcasting into one or both ears, you're definitely zapped.  (However, you might be zapped with a area-wide beam weapon.  You might/might not be being mind-read.)
     3. Press 1 or 2 your hands tightly against your forehead (and/or any other part of your body).  If your brain feels clearer and sharper and less foggy, you might be being zapped, the zaps might be partially disabling your brain, and EMF shielding might help your brain function better.
     There is much more to detecting if you're being zapped/transpondered than these 3 quick tests.  For more info, you can read Learn how to detect hi-tech political persecution and discover if you are or might have been a victim of hi-tech political persecution.
     Also, if you're zapped at night and in the morning when you wake up, you are probably being zapped overnight (when you are a potential stationary sleeping beam weapon target) and you are probably being zapped 24 hours a day.
11. A stationary target can allegedly be electromagnetically heated up or transpondered to the point of mind-reading in as little as 15 minutes if the beam weapon operator is zapping a strong anti-brain beam at close range at one stationary target only.  If a target is moving, and/or a car engine or other electronics is partially shielding the target, then it could allegedly take up to a few hours. 
(If you're really worried about being mind-read or heavily mind-controlled then one option is to stay mobile and be careful staying mobile.  Also shut up and silently take the 5th Amendment if you are mind-read.)
12. A beam hitting one target will sometimes heat up or transponder an adjacent target fast.  Running car motors can sometimes get transpondered seemingly almost instantly, probably depending on beam weapon targeting and beam weapon strength.  (I do not know how long it takes to untransponder a car.)  The safest way to avoid getting a car zapped is probably to turn the engine off when it is not in use and to drive it very slowly near beam weapons.
13. There are only 2 ways to get unzapped or untranspondered.  Either 1) the beam weapon is shut off, or 2) the target is outside of the range of the beam weapon and the target eventually gets untranspondered. 
For example, paid harassment workers in psywar setup houses often leave the house of a heavily shielded target to get untranspondered.  Many paid harassment workers rent a room nearby elsewhere in a spy world CIA-style "safe house".
14. Evading beam weapons, if possible, is an option, but watch out for these possible types of covert, semi-covert, and/or overt harassment:
     1. Mobile electronic harassment from LRAD sound beams and/or mobile fake media broadcasts.
     2. In person harassment from gangstalking (including statistically improbable walk-by/drive by stalking and/or verbal harassment in a deserted area), often improbable pre-scheduled bumping into you by paid gangstalkers, and/or often improbable mobile verbal harassment. 
(Also gangstalkers use their cell phones much more frequently than normal people, and some even have a cell phone attached to their right ear.)
     3. Any possible setups including those that might involve police and/or other first responders.  Basically, look out for trouble and do not engage strangers or anyone hassling you. 
(Cheap digicams ideally with audeo recording too that can be used to get a brief 3-10 second video of a gangstalker or hassler if necessary usually make excellent deterrents to being excessively harassed.  However, please be aware that state laws sometime regulate video and/or audeo recording.)
     Primary targets may find evading mobile beam weapons impossible.  But running away or evasion probably sometimes works for scarcely monitored secondary targets.  Beam weapons have repeatedly been described as short range weapons, but they can also be mobile short range weapons.  I do not know the precise range of covert anti-brain beam weapons nor how long it takes to partially or completely become unzapped or untranspondered.  (Caution: MagnetShield will probably increase the range of beam weapons zapping you.)

15. Beam weapon zap strength on the road is usually much less strong than beam weapons zaps at home.  (However, be very careful when driving and avoid high speed driving.   Walking targets are slow and potentially vulnerable to repeated electronic zapping, LRAD sound beam harassment, and/or walk-by and/or drive-by harassment.  A targeted bicyclist will probably find LRAD sound beams hitting adjacent houses, particularly outdoor and window fans in warmer weather,  instead of the target's non-motorized vehicle.)
16. Warning: cell phones can be tracked by cell phone towersIf you are being zapped by beam weapons, keep your cell phone shut off and preferably remove the battery and/or keep your cell phone in an EMF shielding bag.
17. Warning: GPS, or the Global Positioning System satellite technology allows a satellite to beam your GPS device.  It might also allow the government or someone else to track your location using GPS trackingIf you are being zapped, tracked, and/or gangstalked, keep your GPS system shut off if possible.

Warnings About the Dangers of Anti-Brain Beam Weapon Technology
18. Warning: If beam weapons are hitting a stationary target at a desk, seat, couch, or bed at home or a desk at work, beam weapon strength can be amped up by increasing the decibel strength of the beam targeting one small electromagnetically zapped and cursed location only.  You might try briefly moving around your room or house to see if beam weapon strength is less in some locations. 
Similarly, a notebook computer might be a little harder to zap than a stationary desktop computer.  
19. Warning: Beam weapon strength can be increased by the remote and possibly the local beam weapon operators/zappers to increase beam strength if EMF shielding used by the target reduces the strength of the beam hitting the target.  This results in a hotter beam weapon environment with higher levels of beam power with longer ranges, higher EMF shielding strength, and higher levels of beamback strength if MagnetShield is used.  Increased or decreased beam strength is measured in decibels.
     If you increase your ability to shield yourself from FBI SID electromagnetic beam weapons, the FBI SID will usually just increase the beam strength.  They might even bring in one or more additional beam weapons.  However, some zaps don't work as well when you're shielded, so you're probably better off shielding.  Increased FBI SID beam strength and increased magshielding will make your house more electromagnetically "hot".  Other electromagnetically unshielded people inside (or maybe even near) the house may get zapped and transpondered quickly.  (If you live in an FBI SID setup house, the FBI SID workers will probably need to leave more frequently to avoid getting zapped and transpondered themselves.)  Increased beam strength and increased shielding also increases the beamback strength.  FBI SID workers who staff stationary electromagnetic beam monitoring devices might get zapped and transpondered themselves a lot faster and might be leery of staying too close to their electronic machines, even to manually adjust them.
20. Warning: It is very possible that these beam weapons could in extreme cases be lethal by zapping a lethal electromagnetic signal into the brain and into the central nervous system that shuts down the heartbeat or the breathing or causes a stroke.  (Also, since both anti-CIA researcher Angus Mackenzie and liberal Senator Ted Kennedy both got brain cancer, I'm guessing that these and/or similar beam weapons might be able to fry the brain and eventually cause brain cancer.  The electromagnetic frequency of cancer-causing radioactivity is much higher than the microwave frequency.)  The FBI SID is not to Ed's knowledge in the habit of routinely assassinating people, but the FBI SID is in the habit of routinely threatening to kill targeted individuals.  Bottom line: if you are a targeted individual, buying and using MagnetShield might save your life.
21. Warning: Electromagnetic pain torture zaps, particularly severe electronic toothache zaps, can be extremely painful.
22. Warning: Anger zaps can make any targeted individual temporarily very angry.  Other negative zaps, particularly fear, lethargy, and/or depression, can also be zapped into a target presumably using silent sound spread spectrum (aka SSSS or s-quad) cloning the emotions mind control technology.
23. This is a very incomplete list of the dangers of anti-brain beam weapon technology.  The bottom line is, if you are zapped by anti-brain beam weapons, shielding against EMF beam weapons can reduce a lot of potential problems and it might even save your life.

Advanced Stationary Magnetic EMF Brain Shielding

You can click here to buy MagnetShield.

You can click here to buy REI buckle straps.
You can test EMF shielding for around $11-$30 before spending more money on it.

24. Magnetic EMF shielding used at home or in your office can help reduce but not eliminate anti-brain beam weapon zaps.
25. LRAD sound beams are probably impossible to shield against. 
If you shut down a fan that amplifies the sound beam in one location, they usually just target another location to broadcast their LRAD sound beam from.
26. Subliminal suggestion messages are probably impossible to shield against. 
This probably includes silent sound spread spectrum or "s-quad" subliminal message broadcasts.
27. Brain disablement zaps are possible to partially shield against.
28. Shield your brain and your neck as heavily as possible as tightly as possible with as much EMF magnetic shielding as possible if you are a stationary target.  Be sure to press your MagnetShield tightly against your skin.
29. If you're a mobile target, be aware that increased EMF magnetic shielding means increased radar-style visibility.
30. If you're a primary target, do not initially bother to shield your room. 
It's probably too expensive and it probably won't be anywhere near 100% effective.
31. Beam weapons can usually be zapped from multiple locations, including mobile cars.
32. MagnetShield is probably your best product for heavy shielding against electromagnetic beams from covert anti-brain beam weapons.
33. MagnetShield needs to be pressed directly against your skin in order for it to work best.  The tighter the fit, the better the shielding.
34. Be careful to avoid/minimize any skin abrasion sores or bruises from the metal MagnetShield by taping over any sharp points in the metal MagnetShield with duct tape. 
(If necessary, bandage and apply topical antibiotics to any sore spots and/or rebend, tape over, and/or cushion any part of the MagnetShield that is causing any skin abrasion sores or bruises.)  Also, a tight fitting band of MagnetShield around your head may produce a temporary cosmetically unappealing sore spot mark on your forehead.  You can cover this spot with a cap, hat, magshielding cloth, or even a bandanna.  You can also apply a herbal comfrey salve to bruised skin to help it heal faster.
35. MagnetShield eventually wears out, rusts, and gradually loses some of its shielding capability.  It needs to replaced periodically. 
Any MagnetShield worn around your belly will probably rust and wear out first.
36. MagnetShield must be safety proofed by bending it back against itself using your hands, pliers, metal cutters, and/or duct tape. 
If you skip this step to save time, you risk accidentally cutting yourself on sharp metal edges.  Alternatively, you can at least temporarily wrap velostat around the edges and duct tape over the sharp corners.
37. Circular bands of 4" wide MagnetShield should be placed and worn around the head and neck and possibly belly and/or chest and/or arms too.  And a half-circular band should be placed around the top of the head.  This maximizes the magnetic EMF shielding strength of the MagnetShield.  The electromagnetic beam from the covert anti-brain beam weapon travels part way around the circular MagnetShield instead of into the brain, brainstem, and/or central nervous system.
38. Your head can be covered with multiple circular bands of magshielding that you can wear like a crown, except that you want to cover as much of your head as possible
(and your status is certainly not  that of royalty).  You'll also want to slip at least 2 approx 1' long metal strips over the top of your head and cobaltex or your best EMF shielding fabric over the top of your circular shielding to shield the top of your brain 100%.  You'll also want to add a second bottom layer at least 1' wide to protect the back of your head, and add a cheap hat or cap or balaclava to cover over as much of the metal shielding as possible.
39. Your neck is a critical part of your body and your central nervous system to shield.  My experience is that this shielding helps shield against some probably anti-spinal cord and anti-brainstem passivity zaps. 
It helps shield the bottom of your brain, including the top of the spinal cord near the brainstem, it shields the cervical or top part of the spinal cord, and it shields the speech-generating larynx/voicebox.  You can best shield your neck by wrapping 2 1' long strips of MagnetShield bent into 2 half-circles around it and using 2 REI buckle straps to hold the MagnetShield in place around your neck.  In addition to shielding the neck from direct beam weapon zaps, a tight circle of MagnetShield will also shield the brain from EMF zaps zapping the rest of the body by pulling extra electrical zaps that travel along the spinal cord into the heavy MagnetShield metal instead of the brain.  So far, I've used 3 1' strips of MagnetShield and I could probably keep adding more 1 foot $4.50 MagnetShield strips bent into semicircle shields for more shielding power.
40. Straps from REI can be used to strap a circular band of MagnetShield (or 2 semicircular bands of MagnetShield around your neck) into place.
41. An approx. 21" long horseshoe shaped band of MagnetShield can cover the back of the neck and the checks.  If can be held tightly in place by one horizontal REI buckle strap and one vertical REI buckle strap.
42. In addition to the metal MagnetShield, I try to add some ESD static fabric over my face bandanna style to shield more of my face with flexible magnetic shielding that I can breath through.
43. If you increase your magnetic shielding, the people zapping you will probably simply increase their beam weapon zap power (measured in decibels).  This will result in higher beamback, with a higher percentage of the zapper's beam bouncing back to them.  It also means that the beam weapon target zone becomes electromagnetically hotter, and non-shielded people will get zapped, disabled, and even mind-read faster. 
(If you live in a psywar setup house, sometimes other people in the house tend to get get passively disabled, and tend to leave the house to go to work or to a black ops CIA-style "safe house" a lot more frequently.)
44. If you adjust your shielding strength, your zappers may make errors in zapping you.  (For example, strong subliminal mind-control or thought-popping messages might be increased into detectable signal strengths or reduced into less powerful subliminal messages.)
45. MagnetShield used to shield your brain gradually loosens and it needs to be frequently retightened to achieve full EMF shielding power.  The more REI buckle straps you use to hold your MagnetShield in place, the less frequently it should loosen or slide out of place.
46. There is a trade-off between wrapping MagnetShield tightly around your neck and/or elsewhere on your body to maximize EMF brainshielding power and your brainpower vs. loosening your MagnetShield to avoid bruising your skin from skin abrasion from the MagnetShield.  Sometimes you will want to maximize brainpower, while other times you will want to reduce and/heal any bruises to your skin.
47. If you wear a band of MagnetShield and/or ESD static fabric around your cheek, you will probably want to remove it to eat.

Stealth EMF Shielding and Radar/Microwave Absorbing Material

A carbon Microwave Absorbing Sheet is probably too fragile to be worn as clothing without quickly tearing it.

You can test EMF shielding for around $11-$30 before spending more money on it.

48. Stealth EMF shielding involves absorbing instead of reflecting EMF energy including radar.  Stealth EMF shielding includes carbon shielding and other radar absorbing material or RAM and microwave absorbing material   Military stealth technology uses this technology.  The U.S. Air Force uses this technology to reduce the radar profile of U.S. Air Force planes.  And The U.S. Navy is using radar absorbing material or RAM to help solve its EMI problems, according to this detailed 30-page approx. 8MB  PDF article.  This article refers to a possible 15-20 decibel strength in broadband or wide-spectrum radar absorbing material or RAM.
49. The use of stealth EMF shielding used to shield against covert anti-brain beam weapons would probably attempt to achieve these goals:
     1. Shielding the brain against beam weapon zaps.
     2. Absorbing as much beam weapon zap power (measured in decibels) as possible.
     3. Lowering the target profile or radar profile (technically known as the radar cross section) of the target, particularly when the target is mobile and harder to find, harder to target, harder to zap, and harder to hit with a stronger anti-brain beam zap.
     4. Decreasing or even eliminating the beamback zap in an attempt to make mind-reading more difficult or even at least temporarily impossible.
     5. Distorting EMF beam weapon zaps and/or beamback enough to decrease or even eliminate the effectiveness of mind-control zaps and/or beamback mind-reading data.  This would include an increased level of electromagnetic signal backscatter or static.
     6. Increasing the amount of time it takes for a beam weapon operator zapping one target to heat up the target (or even someone who is accidentally zapped) to the point of mind-reading, and decreasing the amount of time it might take a target to cool off from being zapped to the point of no longer being mind-read.
50. I have not extensively tested carbon-based shielding, stealth EMF shielding, and radar absorbing material or RAM.
51. Carbon shielding and radar absorbing material or RAM dampens or reduces EMF signals and probably makes the signals more fuzzy and less precise.  (This probably adds more backscatter or static to any EMF signals beamed back.)

52. You can buy carbon-based shielding cloth (strong fabric with weak EMF shielding) and/or a carbon microwave absorbing sheet (weak and fragile fabric that tears very easily that provides stronger EMF absorption shielding.  A Carbon Microwave Absorbing Sheet costs $8.95/foot for a 48" wide roll.
53. Stronger radar absorbing material or RAM than the material provided by can probably be found by searching the Internet.
54. Expensive Carbon-X clothing, including fire-resistant carbon X balaclavas/hoods designed for firefighters and carbon-X underwear designed for race car drivers and firefighters, might or might not work as radar absorbing material or RAM.  Solid carbon-X fabric will probably help, but carbon-X stretch fabric probably won't help or won't help as much.
55. One individual offers designs for an anti-mind reading thought screen helmet designed from multiple layers of carbon shielding.  I have not personally tested this design.  (
Also, he mistakenly labels the beam weapon operators aliens, when the experience of myself and many targeted individuals is that the beam weapon operators are in fact definitely black ops workers from planet earth.)
56. One person I know owns a lot of rocks with crystals it them.  The crystals in these rocks might or might not produce a lot of backscatter.
57. Whoever produces beam weapons knows how to shield against them very well.  The best backscatter producing shielding is probably whatever EMF shielding lines each EMF beam weapon firing chamber.  One alleged beam weapon diagram labels this EMF shielding material backscatter nubbins.  At this point in time, nobody is selling this material molded into an EMF shielding helmet to block anti-brain beam weapons.
58. One manufacturer's webpage claims that "Wedge absorbers are used in areas of chambers where pyramid absorbers would provide too much backscatter under specific configurations."  That's one clue for investigating how to passively create backscatter using stealth EMF shielding.
Additional EMF Shielding ideas
59. Try to camouflage your EMF shielding and try to avoid walking or driving around in public wearing full-scale visible magnet shielding. 
(You can probably wear heavy neck-shielding in public with no problem, but probably not a full-scale improvised magshielding metal helmet assembly.)
60. An electrical device that is zapped disabled needs to be untranspondered for it to work fully properly again.  You need to turn it off, let it cool off briefly, and restart it.  If possible, remove all electrical power to it, by opening up the battery compartment or by shutting off all 120v electrical to it by shutting off a power supply switch.  (This is also known as rebooting or power-cycling an electronic device.)

61. Computers can be shielded too.  (Tempest computers are already designed to be low-emission computers, but these hi electromagnetic security computers are too expensive for normal people.)
62. If you are under beam weapon attack, you probably need a strong PFC power supply for your computer with plenty of watts of extra power to spare and ideally 2 or more power rails.  A strong Antec PFC power supply with 440 watts or more is probably strong enough.  If you don't have a strong PFC power supply, beam weapon zaps may zap out your computer more often than you want. 
63. If might be possible to reduce or block mind-reading by heavily shielding your brain and neck with carbon and/or any EMF shielding that produces a lot of signal fuzziness and backscatter.  One person using a velostat thought screen helmet has claimed some success with this.
64. Beam weapons allegedly get a "signature" from a beam weapon target, presumably based on the electromagnetic beamback from the target.  If someone is zapped, electronic signatures of at least primary targets and their electronic appliances are often saved for future reference.
65. Beam weapons probably hit and get beamback feedback from the hottest transpondered target, i.e, the target that has been zapped the longest and is electromagnetically "hot".
66. Between 1-4 or more anti-brain beam weapons might be used against one target and/or the target's electronic appliances.
67. Targets who are actively being zapped are probably heated up faster if car motors and/or electronic appliances are turned off.  One the other hand, car motors make much larger much easier to zap targets than unzapped people and electronic appliances can probably be zap targeted using generic and/or saved unique electronic signatures.
68. If and when a zapped and transpondered car motor is turned off, the sound beam sometimes instantly jumps to other car engines, nearby window fans, etc.
69. Speculation.  People (and machines) might be zapped at a transponder beacon frequency.  If so, the target when heated up would then become a live zapable transponder beacon.  This probably makes it easier for other local beam weapon operators to beam the target by using the target as a live transponder beacon.  Remote beam weapon operators might even be able to beam the target directly by using a cell phone tower and/or satellite to zap the transpondered individual.
70. Speculation: If your house is being targeted, you might try to identify and shut down as many transponder beacons as possible in your house.  The most obvious transponder beacon would be a satellite TV transponder.  The second most obvious tracking device is your cell phone, and your housemates' cell phones.
71. Other people have other ideas for shielding against EMF anti-brain beam weapons.  I think some of their ideas are worth exploring.  However, I think my ideas are the best publicly available information on brain shielding.  If you have any better info, please email me at

Previous Detailed EMF Shielding Ideas

     If you are attacked with hi-tech anti-brain beam weapons, you can and should shield yourself using scientific electromagnetic/EMF shielding.  Just like you can use a good quality bullet-proof vest to partially shield yourself from bullets from physical weapons, you can use scientific electromagnetic/EMF shielding to shield yourself from electromagnetic anti-brain beam weapons.  This is complicated.  Please study this section carefully. offers scientific electromagnetic shielding claims their EMF shielding equipment is specifically designed to partially block electronic warfare electronic zapping of targeted individuals.  (Do to lack of funds, Ed has been unable to personally test the EMF shielding devices from  Skip the new-agish anti-EMF nonscientific EMF shielding devices.  You need real EMF shielding, not the phony wishful thinking electromagnetic shielding equivalent of the Native American Ghost Dance shirts that, unlike modern scientific bullet-proof shielding vests, never did stop bullets.  (Some new age devices, if they contain magshielding, might work to some extent, but I wouldn't bet on it.)
     A report by military experts, Nonlethal weapons: Terms and References, labels electromagnetic shielding "anti-lethal" in a military electronic warfare context.  Here is the direct quote from page 9: "Antilethal, Electromagnetic Shielding. A form of defense against microwave attack. A metal box, known as a "Faraday Cage," can sometimes function as one by excluding electromagnetic fields [356:39]."  (
Also note that the executive summary of the nonlethal weapons report clearly states on page 5 that it specifically excludes all "information warfare" (or psychological warfare or mind control) weapons from the report.)
     During more than 4 1/2 years of open or overt electronic warfare harassment and zapping of the writer of this article, Ed Harding, by FBI SID criminal perps, Ed's choice in EMF shielding has evolved and probably will continue to evolve.
    Ed sees 2 different environments for shielding his brain against FBI SID anti-brain electromagnetic/EMF beam weapons.
1. Shielding at home from strong mobile but mostly stationary carefully aimed FBI SID local anti-brain, anti-electronic speakers, anti-computer, and/or sound-generating beam weapons.  Unfortunately, FBI SID anti-brain beam weapons can be targeted very precisely against a targeted individual's room and even house and yard and can hit a targeted individual at very high strength at the precise location where the TI usually sits.
2. Mobile shielding against beam weapons when the targeted individual is away from home.  Beam weapons often seem to be much weaker when the TI is mobile, but FBI SID gangstalking harassment and FBI SID electronic remote control of electronic speakers (and/or very local radio wave micro transmitter broadcasts) and the use of FBI SID pirate radio/fake media broadcasts complicate life for a heavily persecuted targeted individual.  (This results in Ed choosing to cope with strong anti-brain beam weapons at home instead of choosing to cope with multi-source persecution away from home.)
     Most of the rest of this section deals with shielding at home.  Some of this shielding can easily be worn when you're mobile and/or away from home, but if you carefully study this topic, you will see that you have multiple shielding options and each option has its own plusses and minuses when you're away from home.

Ed currently believes that a band of magshielding worn around a TI's body and/or brain is critical to deflecting and bouncing back some negative brain-zapping beam strength from an electromagnetic anti-brain beam weapon.  This is because EMF magnetic waves function differently than EMF electronic waves and the EMF magnetic waves are partially absorbed by a circular band of magnetic shielding and bounce back (presumably to the zapper's brainwave reading machine) without fully zapping the TI.
     Ed has purchased these 2 products from the magnetic field shielding part section of to shield his brain at home:
1. MagnetShield (Cat. #A274) ........................... $4.50/lin ft, and
2. MagnetShield Plate 36" x 15" x .015" (Cat. #A274-15) ….. $39.00.
     Ed has noticed that his magshielding has to fit tightly or snugly against his skin or around his head or his belly to work.  Ed guesses that the magshielding, if properly tightly connected to the skin, attracts electromagnetic beam power and pulls it away from the skin and from the central nervous system and directly into the magshielding metal band.  If the magshielding that is tightly connected to the skin is connected in a full complete circle, then the magnetic waves should, once they hit the magshielding, flow mostly through the magshielding and back to the electromagnetic wave beaming devices instead of zapping and impacting the central nervous system and brain.  The bottom line is that using magshielding should result in a high level of the anti-brain beam's power being bounced back at the beam machine and bounced back to the people monitoring the beam at the FBI SID.  Ed calls this "beamback", a concept slightly similar to the CIA's concept of "blowback", where CIA operations sometimes backfire.
     If you believe you might be an electronic warfare victim, you can test magnetic shielding for yourself by buying a 1' long 4" band of magshielding for around $10 postpaid (i.e., including shipping and handling) from and placing it snugly next to your skin underneath your belt.  Specifically, try ordering 1 line foot of MagnetShield (Cat. #A274) at $4.50/line ft.  (If the test works and you decide to use it, be sure to cover the metal edges of it with duct tape to shield you body from the sharp metal edges of the magshielding.)  Ed was surprised about how much better even this simple shielding made him feel.  If this works, a 4' long 4" wide metal magshielding band placed around your belly or chest or abdomen will work even better.

4 warnings:
1. If you increase your ability to shield yourself from FBI SID electromagnetic beam weapons, the FBI SID will usually just increase the beam strength.  They might even bring in one or more additional beam weapons.  However, some zaps don't work as well when you're shielded, so you're probably better off shielding.  Increased FBI SID beam strength and increased magshielding will make your house more electromagnetically "hot".  Other electromagnetically unshielded people inside (or maybe even near) the house may get zapped and transpondered quickly.  (If you live in an FBI SID setup house, the FBI SID workers will probably need to leave more frequently to avoid getting zapped and transpondered themselves.)  Increased beam strength and increased shielding also increases the beamback strength.  FBI SID workers who staff stationary electromagnetic beam monitoring devices might get zapped and transpondered themselves a lot faster and might be leery of staying too close to their electronic machines, even to manually adjust them.
2. It is very possible that these beam weapons could in extreme cases be lethal by zapping a lethal electromagnetic signal into the brain that shuts down the heartbeat or the breathing or causes a stroke.  (Also, since both anti-CIA researcher Angus Mackenzie and liberal Senator Ted Kennedy both got brain cancer, I'm guessing that these and/or similar beam weapons might be able to fry the brain and eventually cause brain cancer.  The electromagnetic frequency of cancer-causing radioactivity is much higher than the microwave frequency.)  The FBI SID is not to Ed's knowledge in the habit of routinely assassinating people, but the FBI SID is in the habit of routinely threatening to kill targeted individuals.  Bottom line: if you are a targeted individual, magshielding might save your life.
3. Magshielding will increase your radar style profile and make it a lot easier for mobile beam weapons to hit you.  For mobile shielding, you might want to look into carbon-based shielding that lowers your radar-style profile in addition to and/or instead of magshielding.
4. Magshielding placed around your belly will probably eventually rust, particularly if you sweat.  You can de-rust it by spraying it with CRC freeze-off, PB Blaster, or even WD-40, and you should periodically replace it.

     As of Nov. 3, 2008, Ed uses the same EMF shielding that Ed used on Feb. 6, 2008, with 2 modifications.
1. When Ed is in his own room, he uses the heaviest EMF magshielding (or magnetic shielding) from that he can find wrapped in a circle and placed around the top of Ed's head to shield himself from being zapped at close range by FBI SID anti-brain beam weapons.  This is currently a 7 1/4" x 36" chunk of magshielding left over from a prior purchase of a $39 MagnetShield Plate 36" x 15" x .015" from  Jay likes to zap Ed with a strong anti-brain beam zap, and the extra magshielding is a critical "thinking cap" that improves Ed's brain functioning when Ed is zapped at close range by disabling anti-brain beam weapons.  This has 2 drawbacks.  1) Since it looks unusual, Ed usually doesn't wear this outside of his room, and 2) It leaves a reddish very light skin abrasion mark on Ed's forehead.  Ed works around this by sometimes wearing a small cobaltex headband tightly around his forehead.
2. As a experiment that might improve Ed's shielding, Ed is considering trying to keep a piece of his cobaltex neck shielding connected to his metal magshielding plate that Ed has wrapped in a circle around the top of Ed's head.  (Since electromagnetic waves take the path of least resistance, the theory is that maybe some extra electromagnetic energy being zapped into Ed at or below Ed's neck level might flow from Ed's neck directly to the EMF shielding around Ed's brain instead of flowing into and through Ed's brain.)  You can buy CobalTex™ (Cat. #A1271) for $17.95 per line ft from
     When Ed ordered extra cobaltex then, he probably received zelt instead.  If you order CobalTex™ (Cat. #A1271) for $17.95 per line ft, please be sure you get cobaltex.  Cobaltex contains nickel and nickel-copper alloy, and nickel provides critical magnetic shielding.  Zelt and most other electronic shielding fabrics do not provide critical magnetic shielding.
     If Ed had more money for magshielding, he would consider increasing amount of CobalTex and/or MagnetShield he uses to shield his brain and neck and body.  Ed would also look into carbon-x for carbon shielding and try the shielding at  Ed doubts someone can block 100% of an anti-brain weapon's beam power, but the higher the % of beam power that Ed blocks, the less electronically disabled Ed is.  If Ed was wealthy, he would strongly consider trying a custom-made helmet made out of thick magshielding based on a medieval knight's helmet design or based on a modern day army helmet's design with the modification of covering as much of the brain and the brainstem around the neck as possible.

As of Feb. 6, 2008, Ed preferred to use a cheap 4' band of 4" magshielding (MagnetShield (Cat. #A274) at $4.50/line ft) from wrapped around his belly (or chest or abdomen) and held in place by a belt.  Ed shields his skin from potentially abrasive metal magshielding by using duct tape, magnetic tape, and/or some cobaltex fabric.  Ed also protects his brainstem from zapping by wrapping a strip of magnetic-shielding cobaltex, also available from, a few times tightly around his neck and keeping it tight and snugly in place with a hairpin.  You can order CobalTex™ (Cat. #A1271) for $17.95 per line ft from  When Ed is not in public, he prefers to shield his brain using a band of 3" magshielding wrapped around his brain.  (4" magshielding would work fine too.)
     Ed is also very interested in the shielding from, but has not purchased it or tested it yet.
     Ed also recognizes that there may be a serious downside to his current EMF magnetic shielding.  Specifically, it may well increase Ed's radar-style profile and make beaming Ed on the road a lot easier.  If you want to minimize your radar-style profile instead of maximize your bounce-the-beam back magnetic shielding, you might try carbon based shielding and maybe try the shielding advertised at  (Also, magshielding placed next to your skin may eventually rust.)

     Here's Ed's previous much earlier than Feb. 6, 2008 perspective on EMF shielding.  Much of it is still current, but some of it has been revised.
     Previously, much earlier than Feb. 6, 2008, the best EMF brain-shielding that Ed Harding found was Silvertex deluxe anti EMI Smog Hood Device and the best EMF brain shielding cap he found was from  (Caution.  Summer sweat will stain the silvertex hood.  You might be able to request a slightly more expensive product made with stain-free fabric.)  Ed likes the Silvertex hood because you can use a hair pin to keep it snugly fitting around the entire brain, including the brainstem where brain-body interaction in managed.  A carbon-x or similar carbon-based firefighter's hood might provide some additional carbon-based EMF shielding.  EMF brain shielding helps reduce, but does not eliminate, the effects of psywar brain-zapping.
Carbon-based EMF shielding dampens and reduces EMF.  Metal/metal fabric shielding reflects EMF.  (The $2.2 billion radar-evading US Air Force B-2 Stealth bomber, for example, is produced using carbon-based material instead of metal.)  Thus, carbon-based shielding reduces the radar-style profile of a target, while metal shielding, while partially blocking EMF from zapping the target, increases the radar-style profile of a target (while probably decreasing the electronically readable quality of EMF bounced off of it).  
     Also, EMF electronic waves are shielded by normal EMF shielding, EMF magnetic waves function differently and are only stopped by magnetic shielding.  Apparently, a certain amount of psywar brain zapping probably uses EMF magnetic waves.

     Shielding the human brain from electronic and/or magnetic EMF reduces the effects of EMF zapping and can lead to a targeted individual feeling more focused and less disoriented by psywar zapping.  But please bear in mind that the zappers can simply increase the strength of the zap and/or modify the zap and that total brain and total 100% CNS EMF shielding (including the face, eyes, nose, and mouth, and entire body) is usually impractical.  Partial brain EMF shielding seems practical and helpful for targeted individuals.
     At this point in time Ed is unaware of any EMF shielding guaranteed to block electronic mind-reading.  Any EMF shielding theoretically capable of doing so would have to block electronic and magnetic EMF, and would probably need to cover the entire brain with provisions for breathing, seeing, and at least intermittently eating and drinking.  This EMF shielding might need to cover the complete CNS in the entire body, too.